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Measuring projector fittings
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Series of liquid crystal board
The core technology of liquid crystal projector is centrally on liquid crystal board, encounter when all sorts of circle and stain appearing on screen, the dirt that is liquid crystal board likely or nick " offend " disaster. Its quality has immediate effect to projector brightness and image definition. In the environment of high temperature high fever, projector liquid crystal board easy ageing perhaps damages.
Power source series
Projector power source includes commonly advocate power source and lamp power source two parts, the main effect of power source is to give advocate board, the component supply high pressure such as drive board, liquid crystal board, bulb, fan or low-pressure power source, those who maintain projector is normal move. Lamp power source is one of projector components of easy attaint, when bulb blowout perhaps cannot illume, the breakdown that is lamp power source commonly causes.

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