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Broiling summer jotter maintains 5 principles
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Burning hot summer is scorching make a person intolerable, maintain and safeguard a respect of computer to tell from jotter actually, also not be machine-made, different season has different environment to emphasize particularly on relatively different method. The high temperature of same summer to notebook computer maintain also raised certain requirement. The author emphasizes a few problem that the introduction should note in summertime notebook computer today:

The first, sweat grease is rightJotterThe influence of computer case

Because summertime air temperature is high,we know, the person perspires very easily and secrete much oil. If the crust of notebook computer often is done,get sweaty greasily, still have the effect that comparative to notebook computer case so. What nevertheless the author should point out is, the effect suffers in this respect the biggest is crust uses average project computer of plastic low price notebook, and the notebook computer of the crust of other and high-grade material such as aluminum-magnesium alloy suffers an effect not quite. By the project plastic material characteristic decides this, the project is plastic not only it is good to have soft toughness, of mixed pattern of benefit Yu Fu shape, still have a structure the advantage such as solid wear-resisting. Nevertheless corrosion resistance differs the common fault that is all and plastic products. Sweat grease can make to be being corroded plasticly our notebook computer looks color is inhomogenous, the phenomenon of the color malformation such as occurrence depth stain. Settlement method is very simple also it is the crust that we should use alcohol of tall pH indicator regularly or the special cleaner with reliable quality wipes notebook computer, the Gao Nong that we can buy 86% above from drugstore spends general situation alcohol, because water content of alcohol of this kind of chroma is already very few, because the physics of thick alcohol is characteristic the time that it volatilizes is very fast, won't cause any effects to the circuit of notebook computer.

The 2nd, notebook computer summer prevents be struck by lightning

Summertime thunderstorm weather is more, in the process that uses notebook computer in us, the attention prevents be struck by lightning also is very important. Theoretic tell notebook computer to dial in use line when getting online be assaulted the most easily by thunder. In thunderstorm weather so use modem gets online must notice. Additional, the effect that suffers thunderstorm weather occasionally source current also is met very flabby calm. Although all notebook computer contain his power supply comfortable match transformer, but if because the influence instant of thunder is tall,appear,press strong electric current, meet gently adapter of power source of burned-out notebook computer, can cause jotter again advocate board of power source circuit mar, so the safest method is nurturance is used contain press automatically too cut off the power the wiring of protector board. Such, when be produced strong electricity by strong be struck by lightning, the protector on wiring board will be automatic tripping operation cuts off the power, won't be marred in order to protect jotter.
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