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Absolutely not flicker is not bought regret 8 overflow are recommended
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The jotter of a few special overflow appeared on the market recently, even small make up also begin heart itch, the old machine that thinks average changed to use 3 years.

Recommend everybody's machine today so, be absolutely overflow, if the near future has,buy machine plan, this guides buy should meet you a few valuable reference.

T7500 120G 86 shows Dai Er to match high alone this only 8999

Dai Er the sales promotion strength of this jotter is very great, deployed cruel farsighted processor of T7500 of 2 pairs of nucleuses, NV 8600 shows card, fast independently gallop the Dell Inspiron 1520 of 4 platform (Q511113N) current price is 8999 yuan only, upgrade freely still 2G memory. Compare with cost price photograph, depreciate achieved 3700 yuan, let person stare really.

Absolutely not flicker! Miss 8 regretting overflow to be recommended

15.4 inches wide screen 1520 (Q511113N)

Dell Inspiron 1520 uses completely black design, 15.4 inches of wide screen are designed, atmosphere is sedate, suit not tall to mobile sex requirement user choose and buy.

Dell Inspiron 1520 (Q511113N) use Intel cruel farsighted processor of T7500 of 2 pairs of nucleuses, hard disk of tie-in 2GB memory, 120GB SATA. NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT shows clip independently, module of Intel 3945ABG wireless network. Double deck DVD engraves collection CD driver, and installed operating system of Windows Vista Home Basic beforehand.

8 equipment suffer upright Wang Zhe in those who fix eyes upon is medium carry jotter to recommend

Dell Inspiron 1520

Dell Inspiron 1520 (Q511113N) interface of adapter of interface of the 4 needles port that owns 4 compatible USB2.0, VGA video, RJ45, RJ11, alternating current, microphone inserts Kong Heer machine to insert interface of aperture, IEEE1394, S-Video output, 8 add up to 1 multimedia to store card reads card implement, 54 millimeter. Machine whole weight is 2.87kg.
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