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Notebook computer uses site of maintenance a few great attentions
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This article was offerred a few protection and useNotebook computermethod, help you be used better and enjoy notebook computer to bring your powerful function, conduce to the life that prolongs computer.

The design of notebook computer assured its durable sex in common environment and reliable function, and also proved this between the test. If you mastered below these methods, you will make your notebook computer becomes more durable, more businesslike.

3 big discipline

1. The discipline of clean jotter

You should decide period ground cleanness according to following methods your notebook computer:

Use softness does not have the soft cloth of bits, dip in with nonalcoholic cleaner wet, wipe the outside face of notebook computer gently. Can use different third alcohol and water 1:1mixed liquor system comes wet soft cloth.
Not cleaner direct dump is on liquid crystal screen or clavier.
With dry softness and the soft cloth that does not have bits wipes liquid crystal screen gently; If there still is spot on liquid crystal screen, dip in with cleaner of liquid crystal screen wet soft cloth, undertake wiping again, ask an attention: Before adding up to liquid crystal screen, must screen of air liquid crystal.
2. The discipline of mobile notebook computer

Need is mobile when your notebook computer, operate according to following method please, lest build those who become pair of notebook computer or inside data to damage:

Take out the medium such as CD or floppy disk from inside CD driver or soft drive.
Shut all outside the power source that receives facility.
Shut notebook computer, add up to liquid crystal screen.
Unplug all outside successional line or wire cable.
Affirm the equipment on notebook computer already was shut, wait like CD driver door.
Use high grade notebook computer bag, provide adequate protection in order to ensure.
3.Lengthen the discipline of batteries life

The wastage of batteries depends on time of temperature of environment of the operation that you have and operation frequency, job, inventory (the batteries to been not use) wait for an element. The method that mentions below can help you prolong the life of batteries:

If your batteries is brand-new, and you are first time undertakes charging to it, that one because the character of chemical material inside batteries, batteries won't be filled to come likely 100% .
Want the biggest the performance that turns batteries, need charges discharge through repeating to batteries (charge completely, discharge again completely next) will 3 times activation the chemical material inside batteries.
If you set batteries period of time need not, so also suggest before reuse you repeat charge discharge 3 times.
Before batteries does not have total depletion, do not undertake charging to batteries. May shorten to undertaking charging without the batteries that discharges completely the life of batteries.
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