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Of screen of jotter liquid crystal maintain
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What is the most precious component in the notebook computer that knows you? Authority is very clear perhaps the answer, the “ face ” that is you then - - liquid crystal screen. The LCD that notebook computer uses (Display of   of Liquid   Crystal) liquid crystal indication screen and the CRT that table machine uses (Tube of   of Cathode   Ray) photograph of CRT indication screen is lower than having “ power comsumption, without radiation, wait for a lot of advantage without swimmy ” , and can be on very old rate protect the vision of the person that use. Cost of liquid crystal screen is high, its cost occupied the 40 % of cost of computer of whole platform notebook commonly, at the same time its physical character makes its make the part of most flimsy enervated in notebook computer, also decided it and CRT photograph are compared, have many places that need additional attention. But in routine and life, often can see the incorrect habit of a few friends to jotter liquid crystal, affected thereby its show the result or shortened service life. So, the what note about screen of jotter liquid crystal do we have in be used daily? Good, that asks you to seek the solution that you need in the article.
The LCD that notebook computer uses can be divided commonly for TN, STN, DSTN, H PA, TFT, among them TN, STN seldom has been used in existing product, we can see those who arrive is basic is the model that introduces DSTN, H P A and TFT, among them with TFT most common. The article basically is aimed at the TFT with more mature, the most general and at present wide application (Thin Film Transistor) , but the LCD to other sort is basic also and applicable.

One, coping is not “ stage”

Do not know everybody to have this kind of experience: Occasionally need moves notebook computer, besides should take a machine, still have power supply adapter and outside receive the thing such as the mouse, at that time two hands were used not quite. Have some of friend graph save trouble, take away these things toward on jotter coping one caboodle (the author once still saw have what piled books of several greater part head on coping) . Save trouble pours save trouble, what does not know, the coping of computer of a lot of notebook can't make sure its deformation won't affect LCD below this kind of circumstance on design and made strength. Everybody can try try out your finger squashs forcibly a bit jotter coping, the corresponding place on most jotter screen can appear water ripple phenomenon. The LCD has a few construction, they are ordinal be: Crystal of layer of electrode of chip of perpendicular sex polariscope, glass, transparent X, calibration, liquid state flows, chip of electrode of calibration layer, transparent Y, glass, horizontal sex invents light implement. And these material very flimsy and extremely easy damaged, once the outside uses power to its,cross defecate to be able to be caused to LCD so hard the attaint of repair. Some jotter consider this just about, made be designed specially or be strengthened to coping.
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