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Computer of notebook of choose and buy " 7 do not buy "
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" Bbcdiy is oriented new media " in special clew as a consumer, arrive when to be afraid of buy fake product, although there is no lack of Wang Hai such rely on technically to hit false claim for compensation to be ” of consumer of occupational “ profession, but at masses of millions upon millions average consumption people for, what hope most still is to be not come up against unscrupulous merchant and buy fake product, mix in time energy after all of monetary economy respect chase after incur cost of claim for compensation occasionally far than a 349 yuan jotter many batteries is tall.
Need not wordy, since began last year, the quality problem of notebook computer product emerges in endlessly, although the problem has size large and small, the word that can arrive integratedly one case is an amazing amount absolutely, for example nearly the problem batteries of ten million piece and many “ change core this ” is waited a moment, be in when us so under this kind of setting when computer of notebook of choose and buy, wanting the heart that take to be afraid is not two so little!
Be far from “ garment unlined upper garment not to make ” goods
No matter be table brand machine or notebook computer, in overall beyond manufacturer or distributors can follow a many things randomly, for example all sorts of random and accessary drive CD, patulous fittings and product specification and 3 packets of certificate are waited a moment, if the manufacturer gets sales promotion, still can have have sth taken along with one of other ” of “ add gift, and if be short of somewhat inside these things in the process in your choose and buy,break, so you can choose to say “ not! ” , lest remove an unlined upper garment of stage “ garment,do not make the product of ” .
Actually, the notebook computer product that wants to know your place choose and buy is random and accessary what, can read case detailed account greatly, next the contrast of one by one is checked, if be short of caustic somewhat, ask for in order to look for a businessman, if the businessman says, ten million cannot go vaguely buy, because once produce 3 packets or the thing such as resell, others won't listen to you to explain.
Need here special if the manufacturer is during favourable sales promotion beyond the product,those who remind everybody is bound other goods, and silent of the “ when distributors sale cancels ” , no matter be at that time,still be after the event, we should undertake asking for, be pair of him interests otherwise abandon, although this is the topic of a platitude, but similar consumption is mixed false buy dispute however constantly happen.
The best measure that avoids to buy place to bring the jotter product with “ accessory not complete ” looks more namely, ask more and careful and bold.
Do not collect “ machine of last ” remnant
A kind of any commodity of businessman place sale, can appear sell the last phenomenon, but be this so called the last commodity, it is to have a mystery greatly however, if your choose and buy is undeserved, can encounter “ accident ” probably.
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