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Understand the consumer notebook repair Watches the market situation in Shenya
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In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of the notebook market, thanks to the notebook around the industry is also subject to its grace, always blooming, and now has formed a sales from the notebook to peripherals, and then to a complete industrial chain maintenance. But like other mature industries, notebook repair industry is experiencing from small to large, from naive to mature. Today, Shenyang notebook market is experiencing a service from the chaotic to the process step by step over to the specification. In this regard, Shenyang Jie core dimension of e-business has a clear understanding of the Department of Allen. Also made on the consumption of self suggestion. Laptop service center in Shenyang: [C ompany Name]: Shenyang Jie core dimension of e-business department; [Telephone]: 024-23966327 Mobile 13940054086 13190086120 [business address]: Shenyang Neusoft Sanhao Computer City Block C 4A017 Allen told reporters that the current main business notebook maintenance market is divided into three categories, merchants, manufacturers and third party after-sales service providers. Sales of notebook business is business, after-sales companies is their after-sales service companies, third-party service provider is independent of the first two private maintenance business. "Business is in warranty repairs for warranty period, for example, the products I sell, if the hardware, or peripheral products, problems, needs repair, I will help clients Depot. Therefore, the notebook there is a problem, the general do not go to business, because business is on behalf of consumers to maintain and earn commissions and fees. "Allen introduced to the. For the business on behalf of consumers to maintain and earn commissions and fees this issue this reasonable? Allen said: "Some reasonable, some are unreasonable, such as making the system, you need to share some of the staff working hours to collect the cost of 30-50 million is more reasonable fees. If your laptop is under warranty, He let you stay the notebook, but he got the laptop after-sales service, then cost is unreasonable, and you have to, he did not fulfill the obligation to inform consumers. " In addition, consumers also need to note the following before repair some of the issues: the brand notebook warranties vary, some are guaranteed for one year, there are also two-and three-year warranty, the general warranty is one year full parts warranty, two-year warranty is the major component warranty, in addition to the processor and motherboard are not in the warranty. After-sales service is provided by the manufacturer, but also the airport station, why is the airport stop it? Refers not to chip-level after-sale maintenance, where bad, where replacement. Example, the motherboard is broken, replace the motherboard directly. At this point as a consumer should be noted that, depending on whether your laptop within the warranty period, within the warranty period free of charge, does not involve checking other expenses. Beyond the warranty period, mainly for examination, maintenance, spare parts costs, and some put the maintenance fee included in the accessories. This requires consumers to select service providers, first to understand your notebook is not within the maintenance period. Also, you distinguish your damage is caused by human or non-human cause. Such as falling and immersion are man-made. Even within the warranty period, not included in the insurance project. Last sale prior to the call, some time, to the sale or after the examination is man-made damage caused by the bail, the examination or to charge you the inspection fee. Also, select a specific after-sales organization, there will be, you do not know what bad, bad example, just know that the motherboard, the specific is not clear where the bad, in which case, do not do after-sale maintenance, just replace the motherboard, this , consumers spent a thousand dollars to some "big" the. Market conditions for third-party maintenance companies, the current third-party service providers have no clear normative and technical capacity, and power accessories are mixed. While third-party maintenance providers, it is also not the same as the after-sales agency specializing in, for example, specializing in a brand. The chip level is currently the best level of maintenance, damage to electronic components is the motherboard, its components can be replaced. Such maintenance, general expenses are relatively low, but also replace the motherboard than the overall cost of a lot cheaper. In addition, some do not have the chip level maintenance is also a third-party service provider for parts, but also cheaper than the after-sales service, that is, some handmade accessories cost plus fee. What caused the price difference between the two it? On the one hand is the sale of parts of the product purchase price will higher, another point is that the different channels of purchase, even though manufacturers are in the purchase, sale and service providers, or the price includes the cost of some stores, staff costs, etc., should be much higher third party maintenance costs. In addition, after-sales service providers to high prices, because these companies are using sale-warranty repair to protect the possessor of the maintenance costs will be provided free of charge within the security services get it back. The advantage of third-party maintenance providers, the third-party maintenance can repair the chip level, and specify the overall after-sales service providers is the replacement of parts. In addition, Shenyang laptop repair market is also quite a mixed bag, there are many irregularities. Obviously does not replace the parts, but to tell you replaced, and charge you the cost of parts. Some are not completely repaired, the repair of a fault at the same time, can be readily found in dealing with the problems and small problems, but not treatment. This has resulted in waste of resources to some extent, and this is not responsible for the customer. After-sales maintenance, too, need to know some details. Allen describes: "We need to understand is that after the parts are random security service, which I replaced within the warranty period of new parts, but the new screen and the whole warranty period is consistent with the warranty period. If you choose to pay parts, general the warranty to three months, but also one year warranty. regardless of the new pieces and old pieces, because you choose to be not a commodity, but one of the parts. " Jie Shenyang core dimension for electronics, they are alternative maintenance is the warranty a month. Within the warranty period, free repair and replacement, for more than three times the same question a full refund. Therefore, maintenance must be a lot to know before some related knowledge. For consumers in the repair process in some doubt, Shenyang Jie electronic operation of the core dimensions were explained Allen. "For some consumers, in some cases they do not know how often the same thing, for example, my laptop is dual core, dual-core notebook I take to spend 150 yuan for a part. Another for the same parts, but is a Centrino notebook. why it than the price of Centrino Duo accessories even higher. This is because the low-end notebook accessories because with the gradual obsolescence, parts production will be reduced, which caused a certain extent 'property to dilute as you '. " In addition, a small notebook for repair parts, the price of its individual parts are not high, but why so expensive the price of repair it, for example, replacing a resistor, but the price really is 100-200 dollars? This is an important reason is labor costs, may sometimes parts are not expensive, and some need to see the difficulty of the repair, notebook repair is difficult, maintenance personnel will need a lot of maintenance man the natural time, and higher maintenance skills, so the price Natural cheap. General maintenance of water broke and the difficulty of the time required longer, more difficult but also a little bigger, sometimes require maintenance personnel to work one day, so the expensive nature of the. As far as I know: In some cases, parts are not expensive, working hours are generally charge fees directly. If the repair is more expensive laptop, then to work at fittings and fees to consumers to spend money to buy the equivalent of a maintenance staff time and expertise. For example, a sophisticated notebook maintenance engineers generally takes about five years, so the technology is cost. Therefore recommended that consumers still have some technical strength to go to businesses to repair, or maintenance companies in a number of irregular maintenance, the longer a problem, more effort is necessary to repair again, of course, also caused a secondary consumer. This requires the maintenance provider in the choice of consumers out of a misunderstanding, "the cheaper the better" in the notebook is also guided by the maintenance of "a penny for a half" rule.
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