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Lenovo notebook repair notebook repair of Nanjing Science and Technology was
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Laptop repair Nanjing, Jiangsu notebook repair, notebook repair. Xiao Bian recommend a very well known in the Jiangsu region of notebook repair company, engaged in the notebook computer warranty repair, as long as your laptop has 过了保修期 other reasons, or man-made, resulting in not properly used, can be to Nanjing later technology to carry out repairs and maintenance, and long-term stock the brand notebook accessories. Maintenance of the brand: DELL, HP, IBM, ACER, WINBOOK, MICRON, LG, NEC, SONY, TOSHIBA, BOE, the Great Wall, Founder, Tsinghua Tongfang, Haier, Compaq, Asus, Apple, Lenovo, Hitachi, Samsung, Shenzhou , Sharp, BenQ, Nanjing, then technology is a professional IT Services - Set notebook computer wholesale, sales and maintenance in one, one-stop service. Since the establishment of "professional, dedicated, careful, honest," the service concept, consistent service for consumers. Maintenance department is equipped with the most advanced and complete equipment (BGA: chip-level maintenance, for different sizes of BGA original visual alignment, welding, demolition of the intelligent handling equipment), specialized maintenance personnel, specialized maintenance workshops, accessories resources rich in the professional notebook repair business for many years, maintenance of the brand include HP IBM LENOVO DELL SONY ACER BENQ LG, Samsung, all current models on the market, not have taken the machine to repair more than 95% success rate, affordable, excellent reputation , sale and perfect. Another sell original laptop sales laptop machine and various accessories. When you use a laptop computer found in the following symptoms, it shows that you need to quickly repair your love machine. You can use the Find method searches the current page if you have the following symptoms love machine! Board failure: boot screen does not light, light flashes, the motherboard beeps, the screen has horizontal and vertical lines into a flower or screen, motherboards without electricity, water board, board electrophoresis, motherboard overheating, memory error, boot error, not enter the system, not recognize the hard disk, recognize the optical drive, boot sudden power-down, crash, restart, and other symptoms LCD screen fault: black and white, dark screen, with bright lines, color cast, water, and the bad, and other failures Memory failure: boot error, can not boot into the system, boot light flashes blue screen error when using the system, integrated graphics machines can not run 3D games and other failures Keyboard failure: keyboard failure keyboard water, wear the keyboard, the keyboard keycap drop, keyboard, string and other key stuck Touchpad failure: failure of the touch pad, touch the direction of bias, etc. decreased sensitivity Drive failure: can not read the disk, read the disk noise, no burn, burn noise, chuck, failure, drive without electricity Motherboard fan: the fan running a noise, the fan will not turn led to a boot automatically shutdown, restart the machine overheating crash Shell: shell wear, cover scratches, shedding, renovation of the old shell USB failure: USB without power, USB current electrophoresis, USB device not recognized, USB interface, discharge Speaker fault: no sound, sound is noise, sonic boom, hoarse, with the current sound I believe that most frequently used in notebook laptop in front of people who have bad eating habits, eat and drink the more certainly will cola, coffee, pure water and the like "books killer" of the spill to the laptop, often in the eating, It can not wet the ah! following the first and all notebooks emergency water approach. The first step, we found that after the laptop water as quickly unplug the laptop and remove the battery and let the laptop is powered off. Remember not to press the off button off directly, and now laptops have power management, by default, need to press the 4 seconds before they can turn off the computer, we do not have the time, in addition to doing so even if the machine is also in charged off the same unsafe condition. The speed of this step must be fast, as long as the machine does not have electricity, even water will not cause much impact on the loss is not large, in fact, a lot of renovation of the Main Board are directly JS brush with tap water. The second step, we find a way to sprinkle water to get out of the notebook. Judgments about the direction of water to see if water is spilled on the keyboard directly from the desktop or over the upper. If it is spilled directly on your keyboard upside down we can put laptop, and then beat the machine back, so most of the water will stay out of the keyboard down. Do not remember at this time of the keyboard, the following keys in this case, the rubber pad can play a seal, if the water at this time typing on the keyboard into the keyboard, the internal counter to the will, causing damage to the keyboard. If water is left over from the desktop, we can water down the site, and then forced rejection toss in most of the water under the effect of centrifugal force will follow the same route dumped out. The third step, the machine processing the surface of the water are cleaner, we and how much based on the different liquid components to the next step. If you spill liquid on the notebook is the amount of water and small, that we are going as long as the laptop cool, well ventilated place quiet for 24 hours, until a small amount of flow of water completely evaporated inside the boot to the test. If more liquid, wait 24 hours after the boot process. The 24 hours is a necessary step, Xiao Bian is not recommended treatment directly to the laptop apart, disassemble process may lead to the further spread of the liquid into the interior. If you spill liquid on the notebook is soy milk, coffee or something, we skip the 24 hours immediately proceed to the fourth step, open the machine to save the liquid dry, these things will be done even if the laptop security threat. Also Xiaobian remind you, if your laptop have a warranty, we operate to this step so far, other things to the customer to deal with. Also, do not start until the customer to make customer service to their hands, so that once the smoke, sparks great success and so can rely on customer service a new machine. To the customer service is absolutely not to mention the water thing, that should be charged. I can say "not with the use of the light," and let them resolve it by themselves, so they found that the maintenance fee after the internal water to make choices. The fourth step, if your machine is more serious or liquid water contains ingredients other than water, and then we began to disassemble the internal liquid handling. Here is not specific about the teardown process, in short, no matter where demolition to see the water to dry with the use of tissues, note the smoke not rub! Do not let the water spread. The following mainly to talk about specific approaches and considerations. Water machine keyboard is generally the most affected site, remove the keyboard with a hair dryer blowing after a few minutes to ensure complete evaporation of the liquid inside, regardless of whether the normal use will not cause the least damage to the motherboard short circuit. After the machine apart to look at the motherboard we first have clear water, dry on paper if there is clear water. After processing the clear water, look at the board if the above watermark, the watermark on the motherboard similar to when we were in the bedding above the painting of the "map" is a mark left behind after water evaporates. If you found the traces on the motherboard, we can use traces of the hair dryer to blow the place again, especially all kinds of chips is very easy to keep the plot below the liquid, so do not forget the hair dryer to blow sideways chip below. If the traces are too serious, after drying, we can add a cotton swab with alcohol to wipe clean, if not very serious signs of good for so Rengzhe can not move without moving, moving less less risk. Disassemble operation a few rules to remember, first of all do not use light bulbs roasted, which is a lot of people are using the wrong approach. Because the bulb temperature is high and uneven heating, so the board can easily lead to distortion. Second, remember to choose when to use low gear dryer, board and hair dryer at least ensure a distance of about 10CM, the direction from the center to the outside wind, the direction from the component elements are few more places to blow. Also do not forget the motherboard on both sides, the board above a large through-hole, so if there are traces on the motherboard do not forget to look at the back of the motherboard have to completely remove the motherboard to be difficult, according to your situation to decide. The fifth step to determine the notebook has been cleared, we can start testing the machines installed. Xiaobian recommend that you start with the power, then no problem in the battery mount, so if any problems can be quickly found unplug the power, so laptop is powered off. We first power supply connected to see the power lights are not reflected at the same time his nose pressed to the notebook did not smell any odor. After all the normal boot, do not control the machine light did not light, or the first smell the laptop has no particular taste, there is no work hard, listen carefully. If the laptop starts normally and can access the operating system, then congratulate you, in addition to certain other components other than the keyboard is good. Finally, we then test the keyboard is easy to use, open Notepad, click again to each key is, do not forget to check out the keyboard lights are normal. After all no problem to test the stability of the machine, the machine likely to cause frequent crashes after water, blue, etc., in which case only addressed to qualified personnel. The sixth step, find a professional repair service personnel which the amendment which? In the fifth step can not have any relations, that is not the next thing you and I and other non-professionals to solve the. Recommend that you deal with their own point, more complex repair or to find professionals is appropriate and deal with their own will only get worse the more, the notebook is not like a normal PC can be repeated as the demolition of various interface has a certain life span, get yourself not to cause to deal with anti-unnecessary losses.
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