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Shenzhou notebook computer failed twice accused of poor quality Depot Repair
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Months, two consecutive Depot Repair, actually are "futile" to find aftermarket theory, and so the result is still to Depot maintenance. Yesterday, consumers complained to reporters Xiaoru "Shenzhou" computer aftermarket center "Bluff." Xiaoru told reporters that he spent last year on April 30 bought a 3,000 yuan, "Shenzhou" notebook, then committed two-year warranty, 2 July this year, he began to black and white notebooks found, then got the "Shenzhou" after-sales point to repair, the result was told to Depot Repair, days later, he received the computer can be repaired also found that they can not drive, so he Depot Repair. But other then that still does not take computer repair, test added to maintenance personnel after the Depot. "Depot basic maintenance is not good, I request replacement but the difference to pay 2,000 yuan, their poor quality Shenzhou computer." Xiaoru said. Yesterday afternoon, reporters accompanying Xiaoru to Shenzhou computer call center, technical director Mr. Rowe explained that the first two maintenance is another service point, and he was not quite clear, as is the maintenance of the main board is broken, need to Depot repair, but has not the same as parts manufacturers, and can only wait with accessories to repair, and replacement of the computer is impossible, because the company provides three guarantees, within a year the two computers can be replaced with the failure of new aircraft maintenance , Xiaoru computer more than a year. Coordination by both parties, the company responsible for maintaining write the person responsible for Xiaoru undertaking, his computer Depot free of charge within 15 days of good repair.
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