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Founder bad motherboard repair laptop hard
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Miss Wu, Hangzhou, Hangzhou network to the Chamber of complaints: May 11 this year in Hangzhou Technology Digital Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a Founder R310 models of notebook computers, early October found that the display is off at boot time, on October 4 Street to the high-tech service center repair Founder, service personnel that want to change the motherboard is broken, from three to five working days to fix it. However, after a week, because the motherboard out of stock, the computer still not fixed. After Miss Wu electricity per day If the repair of computer reminders, but had not received a positive response. Because there is no computer, but also to Miss Wu's work and life is a big inconvenience. Board collectively, the "yield" Customer difficult to distinguish between true and false Today, Miss Wu once again call the Founder service department, service department head, said the staff sent the wrong motherboard, but also to re-send. And said that she sent the computer motherboard is the "yield", meaning that repair had the motherboard, Not a new motherboard. Miss Wu is very angry: "has in the past two weeks, not only did not fix, and now does not give me a new motherboard replacement, the so-called 'high yield' so I can not accept." Hang net Chamber reporter then call the service department asking why, a Ms. Chen explained: "We're all motherboards are called 'Ichiban', including a new motherboard and maintenance does not affect the secondary use of the board. Not Is understood that Miss Wu. " Miss Wu has insisted that, since it has been repaired, and new packaging can not be unity of title. "The new is new, repaired even the most minor problems that is repaired, how can you call 'good Commodities' it? Then you are new to the customer or have repaired it? Obviously the customer is not distinguishable. " Business customers of the proposed two options and do not compromise "Since the computer bad I can only rely on mobile Internet, not only inconvenient but also creates a huge amount of mobile charge waves. So when my computer how to fix it?" Miss Wu asked. Chen is the answer to this call: "out of stock due to the current board, so the resulting delay can not fix your computer. They will solve the problem as soon as possible to contact head office. Once arrival, will inform Miss Wu." Chamber of Hangzhou Network Founder reporter then contacted the Department of computer repair services, maintenance person in charge of the Ministry of Ng and made another call to the two solutions: First, Miss Wu compensation 200, and extended warranty for the six months her computer; II , Do not lose money, but for her computer extended warranty for one year. But Ng said that is unacceptable. Miss Wu's scheme is: first, the replacement of a new computer; Second, do returns processing. This, the maintenance department did not give reply. Hangzhou network will continue to look into the matter Chamber.
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