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Haier notebook computer feverCustomer repair a fault repair
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Recently, Linyi City, Ngan just left the "three guarantees" of the "Haier" normal laptop phenomenon occurs when temperature is too high. To the service at the testing, inspection staff, said there is no problem, and take the initiative to help deal with it were dust. But then to be submitted to Mr. Yen hand computer, the computer but also how they can not drive out. Mr. Yen Although a computer overhaul, but still use the high temperature, dust to cause a computer will not boot after the claimed a free maintenance service bear the responsibility, after sales were rejected. Mr. Yen, Linyi City of Industry, then dial 12315 to report the command center hotline complaint.
Mt Branch Trade and Industry Bureau of Linyi City law enforcement officers, complaints against Mr. Yen conducted a survey of implementation. After listening to both sides in the state of maintenance and repair records were checked after the status of the computer, verify that claim is true. But the sale was that the notebook when there is no reason maintenance high temperatures, dust is cleaned to the computer will not lead to health and can not boot. For Mr. Yen computers can be promised after-sales maintenance, but maintenance costs should be borne by the Mr. Yen. Law enforcement officers that the present case, the two sides of the computer when the state of maintenance records for the body heat, not not boot. The computer will not boot after the repair is the case, and the sale can not adduce evidence to prove that he has no fault, so that the sale should be law enforcement officers to assume primary responsibility. Accordingly, law enforcement officials on both sides launched a patient and painstaking mediation, the mediation, the two sides reached agreement on the principle of mutual understanding and accommodation, from the maintenance business computer maintenance, maintenance costs, each party bear half.

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