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Grand base with Euramerican telecommunication company negotiation popularizes lo
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Beijing time on June 5 message, according to foreign media report, grand base say it is in with EuramericanTelegraphicThe company negotiates, plan next year sells the low jotter that combines a brand in the United States and EuropeComputer.

Grand base president Wang Zhentang is accepted in firm headquarters when interviewing, say, this will be a kind of means that differs with means of sale of traditional notebook computer. This will make an inflection point, operation business or service business will begin to realize the business chance that sale notebook computer brings.

Grand base rolled out AspireOne to exceed low notebook computer on June 3, this also is the one share that it surpasses HP to make strategy of manufacturer of computer of the biggest notebook. Grand base predict, the sale of AspireOne will go to 20 million of next year by 7 million growth this year.

Unified negotiable securities invests fiduciary limited company bead investment manager defends · greatly direct (DavidDong) express, through telegraphic company sale notebook computer conduces to increase market share, but the problem depends on this is a kind of brand-new business mode, to consumer also be new student general affairs. This will conduce to grand base the share that increases to go up in market of low notebook computer, score taller gain.

Wang Zhentang expresses, the notebook computer of the sale will be contained at the same time grand base the brand with telegraphic company, price general under regular price, in order to enhance the appeal of the person that offset is expended. He says, these low notebook computer are compositive the high speed that join goes up to telegraphic company network is wireless join technology.

Wang Zhentang was not announced grand base negotiate in with what telegraphic company. He says, "Inferior value makes telegraphic company OK and free give to consumerThe computer, offset relevant cost through serving endowment cost. If telegraphic company considers pattern of this kind of business, I think to be in not far the user will use " in the future the notebook computer of free " . I think to be in not far the user will use " in the future the notebook computer of free " ..

Wang Zhentang expresses, aspire One and bought 3 computer manufacturers to will conduce to last year grand base the goal that implementation reachs to surmounted HP 2011.

Wang Zhentang says, this year grand base battalion closes will come by the growth of 14.1 billion dollar last year 20 billion dollar, express grand base won't raise product price, digest a supplier to rise in price by oneself however brought cost.

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