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Founder science and technology raises notebook computer to sell a plan considera
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Dispatch of world China moneyFounder science and technology(600601 prices, ) raised notebook computer to sell a plan considerably, jotter sale target is 280 thousand during 6-8 month, 8 years charge of Founder jotter sale will achieve 180 million yuan.

Reported on June 6 according to Beijing morning paper, just announcing " heat closes to " in strategy, founder science and technology raised notebook computer to sell a plan considerably, "During 6-8 month, jotter sale target is 280 thousand. " Cong Youjiang of president of assistant of Founder science and technology says, this has been close to its 7 years the jotter sales volume of annual.

Arrive as we have learned, 8 years, founder will be arranged 5, 000 storefront and 20, 000 sales promotion member make promotion service, among them jotter respect more the sale charge that throws your writing 180 million yuan, and " network jotter " BIG1 more make promotion focal point. This jotter product is similar to market to go up popular " portable jotter " . Actually, since 7 time large roll out portable jotter " easy PC " begin, include HP, grand base, Founder increased investment in this respect in the PC manufacturer inside, associate the respect also disclosed relevant plan.

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