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MacBook Air of apple of the thinnest jotter tears open solution completely
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Editor's note: Malic product exceeds again last time in delicate degree the imagination of people, because, is such, every time apple rolls out new product, can arouse the desire tearing open solution of people, the MacBook Air of newest issuance is not exceptional also, release in abroad before long by netizen dismemberment, relevant photograph is published on famous Ifixit website, the data that author him basis masters adds a few explanation, hope everybody can the better design that understands MacBook Air wonderful artical excelling nature.

Product overview

Before undertaking tearing open solving, we see MacBook Air roughly first (MBA of the following abbreviation) circumstance. The packing box of MBA is black, the box that pack upper part imprints the MBA picture that has half open, the side before the box that pack imprints have " MacBook Air " model of written characters, besides, do not have other label again, whole feels very concise.

Malic jotter can have two adapter commonly, one is the standard adapter that uses daily, one is the portable adapter with digital product adapter (MBA has a portable adapter only) , next graphs are a series of adapter of malic product, from the top down is ordinal it is IPhone (5 tile) , IPod (8 is made of baked clay) , MacBook Air (45 is made of baked clay) , MacBook (60 is made of baked clay) cover with tiles with MacBook Pro (85) , we can see, MBA not only airframe is cabinet, the adapter small circuit that also should compare MacBook and MacBook Pro with respect to the bulk that connects adapter.

Among is MBA is portable model power source adapter

The power source of Mac computer inserted Kong Cai to use safety to insert the design means of aperture, this kind of adapter calls adapter of MagSafe power source, of adapter connect and airframe inserting aperture basically is to rely on the attraction of magnet to be united in wedlock together, adapter connect can be only when be being come up against accidentally fall off and do not decline to complicity machine. MBA arrives to take care of cabinet airframe, the way that safety inserts aperture is opposite at MacBook inserted aperture to had rotated 90 degrees.

Left the power source outlet that is MacBook, the power source outlet of MBA is on the right side of

The port with only MBA is located in on the right side of airframe, these 3 interface include frequency to output interface, USB interface and Micro-DVI interface, block interface, VGA interface to because dimensional problem does not have a design,wait like common net, fortunately nevertheless the apple offerred powerful fittings to support for MBA, include SuperDrive (CD driver is received outside USB) , RJ45 USB turns wiring.
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