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Associated morning paper " : Lu An N enters Luo? to surprise take stick a Bobo t
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Thank the deliver of desert Gu boat
The track of Chen Guanxi of Hong Kong actor that offends an excessive to illuminate disturbance becomes a puzzle, the network is secret person " strange take " move 17 days again, announced doubt to seem many pieces of picture of Bobo Chen Wenyuan at a heat. Additional, on the shopping website of the mainland, actually somebody peddles carry out excessive to reflect graph file avowedly, and bought person is not little still. Daily net reports Dong Sen, chen Guanxi did not return Hong Kong, and " strange take " move once more. Edition advocate the picture that put two pieces to did not pat woman countenance first, who is asking everybody to guess this; It is a series of doubt then those who be like Bobo Chen Wenyuan is indelicate according to.

Edition advocate still say, the photograph that publish is very small only one part, new picture is being made in, pressure is too great outside now, ask everybody to await patiently.

The report points to, edition advocate still leave a message say, "Strange take " not be a person, however a group, but the source that everybody does not consider to become that to be maintained, obvious has a flock of people to have these pictures really.

Nevertheless, also had shut temporarily because of a lot of websites that reprint excessive to illuminate, there is the graph grade that sells the home to traffic excessive publicly to illuminate actually on mainland auction website, the price differs to 8 yuan from 1 yuan of RMBs.

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