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"Strange take " threaten releases MaggieQ and video of giant star of acrobatic f
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In Hong Kong the message that circulates on big forum each says, the mysterious figure that releases indelicate photograph " strange take " already mixed recreation of emperor of Hong Kong flower comes to an agreement, collection after 7 million Hongkong dollar, the action that stops to release a photograph, let a lot of people think " colourful according to the door " incident will near end. But yesterday, appear again on forum so-called be " strange take " newest statement, say to be able to be in the photograph about her and video extend while MaggieQ appears, more in weighing new video besides them themselves outside, the international that still everybody is familiar with is famous giant star of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance.

Put Munchausen to skill will catch me

Write in this statement, "Strange take " video is announced when planning to interview vermicelli made from bean starch in first time of Zhong Xin tung originally, but a special situation let him change a plan, he decides yesterday before dawn announced video at 3 o'clock now. The video; that the first open video is the photograph that has published before the content of video of the 2nd part is before the content that never has had on the photograph, make everybody patient await. In addition " strange take " provoke police publicly still, say: If you have ability,ツ of Zhuang of the  that install ash cuts? of Gu of ┨ widow americium, will catch me. Will catch me..

There will be giant of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance inside new video

Subsequently " strange take " still say to be able to face the public in MaggieQ while, extend all photographs that concern her are the same as video. And video does not extend tardy because oneself is safe,getting online is problem. Besides, "Strange take " allege, some international that the video content that will extend still has everybody to be familiar with is famous giant star of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance.

According to incident progress looks, this seals what what say in statement to let " strange take " the special condition that changes a plan, should be to point to the negotiation with flower emperor company. The message says before " strange take " come to an agreement with flower emperor, collection 7 million Hongkong dollar is exchanged with making, release video no longer. If come out yesterday this statement is really " strange take " place hair, that can figure is " strange take " did not talk about approach with flower emperor price, because this gives off rumour, lend this menace flower emperor. Although the name of the person such as Cai Yilin, Xiao Yaxuan by be involved in " colourful take the door " incident, but the picture that has not seen two people so far, major photograph is the actor below flower emperor banner. See not hard " strange take " it is to be in " center firepower " defy with flower emperor.
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