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Wireless net blocks machine of 3945 pairs of nucleuses
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Intel3945 confuses your PCI - E wireless net gets stuck, suit double nucleus jotter to use. Wireless net card upgrades freely installation, (Low sale! (Low sale!!
The special and wireless net of double nucleus jotter gets stuck - 945 above advocate board machine, 3 acting fast gallop product jotter is special. Applicable machine: Tsinghua is the same as the Bai Xinla in Zhou Qixi of god of  ? Hua Shuo square, upright and foursquare, TCL, sea Er ……
Use technology of newest Intel A/b/g wireless LAN to upgrade computer of wireless ThinkPad notebook (certain type) . By right of Intel PRO/ wireless 3945ABG confuses adapter of your PCI Express, no matter you are in the office,still go up in the road, the join that all can come true to reach 802.11g network with existing 802.11a, 802.11b (5) . It raised mobile sex, offerred tall bandwidth to use wants property, for example multimedia is transmitted, IP phone and big file are transmitted. "Want to have a network only, you can join through dialing quickly. "Adapter of this kind of high-powered Wi-Fi deserves to have ThinkVantage™The network gets used to software oneself (Access Connections) . This kind of utility program that uses easily can make you are in wired with switch of the freedom in wireless environment, and place of etc of setting of automatic management safety, printer, homepage is specific setting. Wireless safety is very important, intel PRO/ wireless 3945ABG confuses adapter of your PCI Express to support great majority to increase secret agreement, accordingly you can receive company network easily repeatedly surely. Can make with the compatibility of 802.11b and 802.11g agreement you make full use of the large-scale application of 802.11b technology. When receiving a point to what be based on 802.11g or 802.11a when join, you are returned can the benefit in the taller data rate from 54Mbps.
Wireless net blocks the buy inside jotter jotter is wireless the net blocks Atheros 5414 ABG 108M
Outside dividing HP basic and all belt MINIPCI jotter, the need before the partial type of IBM is installed runs 1802 patches to just can install ~ applicably IBM, DELL, SONY, TOSHIBA, ACER, associate, boat of Hua Shuo, god, 7 happy event, Founder. . Take MiniPCI to insert groove this. Back most machine child signal lamp and shortcut key! This calorie is Atheros manufactures, askey generation is versed in (Chinese network address is Http://www.askey.com/ , taiwan is wireless the big plant of a gleam of of the product) , do manual work is good, 3 frequency of 802.11A/B/G paragraph, use chip is the 5006XS chip of Atheros, the Super A/G wireless rate that supports 108M of course, card is small card, basic all can install, function exceeds strong, better signal, more province report. 1: The much agreement of CMOS odd chip with compositive height solves 2: Supportive 2.4G/5G uses digital CMOS technology solely, most small-power dependability and technical feasibility 3: Support technology of IEEE802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11b, standard of technology of 802.11g 802.11e Standard Compatible Bursting802.11 Super AG is compatible (QoS) supports wireless multimedia to enhance service quality. 4: Hardware adds close Wi-Fi protection to be received (the IEEE802.11i research of WPA) safe standards, offer increase close level advancedly (key of AES) , Nie is whole agreement (brief introduction) reach wired and equivalent privacy (WEP agreement) 5: Receive harmonious frequency limits to expand (2.300-2.5004.900-5.850 thousand conspicuous) for whole world use trends frequency chooses / standard of the IEEE802.11 that resolution of collaboration of international of transmission power control supports, J 6: R™ delays 腦 of Xi of orchid border of ǖ of  end  Cheng technology transmits to WIFI communication fast double 7: Than having a design design of system of limits section report improves power consumption to reduce 98% 8: Advanced broadband receiver and optimal way are better Cheng measures order, fight more than convention gender, balanced change a design. Amplifier of compositive low noise (low noise amplifier) external dam and / or low noise amplifier can be used at special applying. 9: Low power operation pattern and Morpheus support pattern
Wireless net blocks free installation, upgrade low sale! Advisory hot line: 0571-88932272, 56773209

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