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The source of life but batteries of jotter of trifling matter scrutiny is protected character- - what does “ buy jotter to want to notice? ” is about to buy the friend of jotter to be able to enquire so more very much.

Batteries price

Generally speaking jotter batteries is in in each agency some selling, the maintenance station that suggests everybody had better be to this the brand is appointed nevertheless is bought, although the price may appreciably slants expensive, but character can get effective assurance, price respect, jotter batteries has branch 4 core and 6 core two kinds, 6 core batteries should compare nature 4 core batteries is costly. Normally the price of 4 core batteries is in 500 ~ 700 between, the price of batteries of 2 6 core is in commonly 800 ~ 1100 between.

There still is the difference of the brand in the center, the batteries with IBM, DELL and all alone Buddhist nun is most costly, the price of 6 core batteries of type of a mainstream is controlled in 1100 yuan normally, and under photograph comparing such as HP, NEC, Toshiba, grand base the batteries price that waits for a brand is controlled in 800 yuan normally. What notice even additionally is same brand the cell that place of different type type uses is incompatible a little.

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