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FOSA jotter is maintained
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FOSA jotter maintains maintenance of FOSA notebook computer
The jotter that becomes you encounters software problem, hardware problem, had 911 services, you will isolate no longer without aid: Unexpectedly  of  of  subcutaneous ulcer thinks of GA of far 疊 of  of sip of Pi of す Piao Yan to solder equipment, solve jotter quickly advocate board bridge of north and south, the BAG that shows the chip level such as card solders technology, major of on the safe side is rapid, raised the repair rate of jotter greatly. The jotter that becomes you encounters software problem, hardware problem, had Xin Yu's service, you will isolate no longer without aid:
Reflect especially maintaining a respect in brand jotter!
Jotter maintenance, can distribute the systematic share that maintains for FOSA jotter
(FOSA) the fittings share that jotter maintains.
FOSA jotter maintains software system breakdown
FOSA jotter maintains hardware system breakdown
FOSA jotter maintains fittings share.
1 . 1 : FOSA jotter maintains CD driver (FOSADVD, FOSA CD, FOSACOMBO)
1 . 2: FOSA jotter maintains liquid crystal hold, bai Bing, hua Bing, screen is broken, screen is cracked, screen flashs, screen scratch, screen is dark, hei Bing
1 . 3: FOSA jotter maintains batteries, (quote)
1 . 4: FOSA jotter is maintained advocate board (quote)
1 . 5: FOSA jotter maintains screen line (quote)
1 . 6: FOSA jotter maintains screen axis, (quote)
1 . 7: FOSA jotter maintains tube, (quote)
1 . 8: FOSA jotter maintains screen carapace, (quote)
1 . 9: FOSA jotter clavier is maintained, (quote)
1 . 10: FOSA jotter shows calorie of maintenance (quote)
1 . Tall pressing plate of 11 FOSA jotter is maintained (quote)
1 . 12: FOSA jotter fittings maintains other:
Advocate board maintenance, clavier maintenance, batteries maintenance, CD driver maintenance (CDROM, DVD, COMBO) maintenance of maintenance of maintenance of maintenance of line of maintenance of soft drive maintenance, tall pressing plate, screen, liquid crystal screen, CPU maintenance, hard disk maintenance, interface board, power source board, sound gets stuck. . . . . . (more quote: HTtp://www.9xpc.com)
FOSA maintains breakdown appearance:
1, notebook computer is not started, switch on the mobile phone without show.
2, notebook computer password is forgotten, cannot enter a system.
3, notebook computer does not identify CD driver, hard disk, soft drive, string mouth, and the mouth.
4, notebook computer cannot install an operating system.
5, notebook computer often dies machine, drop report or restart automatically.
6, notebook computer switchs on the mobile phone the newspaper is wrong, cannot enter a system.
7, notebook computer batteries cannot charge.

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