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Why to want break advocate board BIOS
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Refresh, although use present new content, change original old content; BIOS refresh, namely general break program, the BIOS file of new version, enclothe the BIOS file of old version in BIOS chip; Pass refresh BIOS document, can solve a few hardware compatible problem, be like old advocate board supportive old hard disk and tall memory, and a few advocate board BUG, also through upgrading the method of BIOS solves manufacturer.

At present BIOS type cent is planted for AMI, AWARD, PHOENIX3 common type, among them AWARD and PHOENIX are already amalgamative, but in machine of a few table advocate board go up, although mark has PHOENIX-AWARD, of its BIOS or AWARD. Type of a few kinds of BIOS, should use different refresh program to undertake refresh and backup. Amid, still have program of refresh of current version of AWARD and AMI, can support AWARD the BIOS of supportable also AMI, recommend use.

Refresh program divides DOS environment to fall, fall with WIN environment. The user can need according to his, choose corresponding refresh program; Attention: If renovation finishs in DOS environment, because refresh program wants to take up,go up a memory, because this must use pure DOS, do not have any DOS environments that configure a file namely; And the DOS that does not use XP to make is started dish, relevant DOS dish the tool that make, BIOS maintains a website to have download.

Because BIOS is,input basically / output system. Actually it is ROM of computer be been in by solidify (read-only memory) a group of programs on chip, offer lowermost course for the computer, the directest hardware control and support. Accordingly, if upgrade,fail, be like BIOS file mistake or write fashionable make mistake wait for a reason, cause BIOS damage, meet cannot start a machine, before accordingly we are being updated, must have backed up oneself BIOS file, so that refresh fails hind, can restore BIOS.

BIOS refresh, the most crucial question is to seek correct BIOS document, about the download of BIOS file, we are OK basis advocate board the data such as model, download directly from manufacturer website.

The process of BIOS refresh is commonly: Basis advocate board judgement downloads BIOS file- - download BIOS refresh program according to BIOS type- - choose to operate an environment according to the type of refresh program (DOS or WIN)- - file of backup former BIOS---File of refresh new version- - restart machine.

Mouse offers a netizen: BIOS refresh, have certain dangerous sex, when refresh must discreet.

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