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HP/Compaq series jotter is decoded
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HP/Compaq series jotter is decoded

Method one () of Coms batteries discharge:

1. Tear open the jotter that has a code, searchCOMSBatteries.

2. UnplugCOMSBatteries.

3. Await5-10Minute.

4. InstallCOMSBatteries, install good jotter.

5. Adapter of join power source, do not insert jotter batteries.

6. Jotter switchs on the mobile phone, f10 enters BIOS setting, modification time.

With going out to drill all passwords are mixedCOMSThe setting will keep clear of!

If afore-mentioned methods cannot be decoded, press the following method to decode.

Method 2 (wrong code) :

When clew inputs a password, input wrong password 3 times immediate perhaps carriage return 3

The wrong code that after inputting wrong password 3 times, gets

Issue me wrong code nextAccording to wrong code cipher out universal code, support model of series of ACER LG of HP Kang Bai at present. Want to input wrong password only, appear spill over of the code, can solve.

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