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About IBM jotter password, password of IBM whole set defeats solution
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About IBM jotter password

Jotter, as a result of its shift sex, because of this manufacturer to protect the security of its data, installed the password of different level for its, cent is confidential code, super password, hard disk password, without the password, it is to cannot enter what switch on the mobile phone or enter an operating system. And promote security as a result of jotter, its cannot like table machine, cleared password unplugs next batteries can. Relevant and detailed content, introduce related the website that browse please.

1) , switch on the mobile phone in entering BIOS to install, find Password password to install. The method that IBM notebook computer enters BIOS is: In cold switch on the mobile phone (the attention is not to be started afresh) when occurrence IBM labels Quan Bing switchs on the mobile phone when the picture, the key that press F1 enters BIOS setting.

2) , be in advocate in installing an interface, click Password, the meeting on the picture shows:

Power-On PasswordHard Disk1 Password
(Hard Disk2 Password)
Supervisor Password

3) , the setting adds electric countersign

Use mouse clicks Power-On Password of the password that append report;

Enter New Password of casing of occurrence input clew, countersign is inputted in clew casing.

Countersign can be the 1 aleatoric combination to 7 character, include any capitalization or lowercase or digital combination. Big lowercase is thought identical. If press a fault when key, can use retreat key (Backspace) is deleted, input correct character next.

Systematic clew Confirm New Password, input countersign to undertake affirming again, bolt by carriage return can.

For safe for the purpose of, suggest to a sign should be included in the password, for instance $ , % , ! Or? Etc.

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