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Computer breakdown can be divided for hardware and blame hardware breakdown
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1.Hardware breakdown is common phenomenon:
If lead plane shows without power source, monitor is not had show, lead plane horn resounds and cannot use, monitor clew makes mistake information but cannot enter a system.
2.Software breakdown is common phenomenon:
If monitor clew makes mistake,information cannot enter a system, enter a system but application software cannot move.

2, the operation method to breakdown:

1.Xian Jing hind moves: Analyse consideration problem to may be in first, start work next operation
2.First outside hind inside: Check the computer above all exterior power source, equipment, circuitry, box switchs on the mobile phone again after;
3.First soft hind hard: Judge proceed with from software first, begin from hardware again next.

3, the particular operation to breakdown:

1.Computer lead plane or monitor show without power source: Examination computer is exterior power supply cord and outlet of monitor power source;
2.Monitor does not have show or acoustics does not have sound: But the examination shows clip or acoustical card has without become loose or whether is plug inserted close;
3.Lead plane horn resounds: Can judge a mistake according to noise number
Breakdown of refresh of 1 noisy memory, desired result of 2 noisy memory is bad, breakdown of main memory of 3 noisy 64K, clock of 4 loud systems or memory are bad, breakdown of 5 noisy CPU, breakdown of 6 noisy clavier, 7 noises are hard interrupt breakdown, 8 noises are shown put a mistake, 9 noises advocate board fault of desired result of RAM, ROM or the fault that show clip, 10 noisy CMOS make mistake
1 noise: Deer of Gua Li ⑿ controls board?2 of low crazy  is noisy: Gua Lei Q coffins 鞢 MOS is installed wrong or advocate board RAM makes mistake
3 noises: 6Breakdown of 4K main memory shows calorie of trouble 4 noises: Low show fault of clavier of? of Wa of Gua of You of our leap up
5 noises: CPU breakdown 6 noises: Does  calm close?
7 noises: Discharge receives the storehouse foolishly?8 is noisy: Source Wa Zhai?
9 noises: Fault of desired result of Da 錜 AM, ROM or the fault that show clip 10 noises: CMOS is wrong advocate board mistake of RAM, ROM
4.Application software breakdown:
(A) is used above all take systematic floppy disk to start the computer, use below Dos condition kill virus software to check hard disk;
(B) cannot be started like hard disk in can using former hard disk first, floppy disk of identical version system is started and send systematic document to with SYS hard disk or check hard disk partition with FDISK correct;
(C) starts the computer and press F8 bolts, anthology menu enters Windows safe mode the 3rd times, check breakdown and start afresh;
(D) is reached to this software UNINSTALL after deleting its to be in catalog, reinstall this software.

4, hint according to screen wrong message judges:
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