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Password of jotter of series of IBM ThinkPadT43, R52, T60, Z60X60, T61 is decode
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Password of jotter of series of IBM ThinkPadT43, R52, T60, Z60X60, T61 is decoded

The characteristic that because notebook computer facilitates,carries, to improve its safety performance, manufacturer is in what all sorts of types devised in its BIOS to drive confidential yard, it is OK still that some machines are planted a machine code with special setting.

Of jotter password file deposit, resembling table machine is direct in keeping existence CMOS chip, maintain presence however in a sole EPROM chip; Because this wants password of the jotter that defeat solution, must numerate the file in password chip, using next decode software accordingly, ability can solve the password that gives correspondence.

Inchoate IBM notebook computer, the memory chip of the model such as commonly used 24C01A, 24C02, 24C03, use in the machine before IBM 600E commonly, be like 380, 390, 600 wait for model; The IBM notebook computer later, used the chip such as 24rf08BT, 24rf08CT, 24rf08CM, for this BIOS maintenance website had been rolled out in the light of process designing of chip of password of appropriative of 24C, 93C, 24RF08 implement. But the jotter that IBM later period produces if: ThinkPad T43, r52, t60, z60, x60 series jotter, had abandoned 24RF08 password chip, use chip of PC8394T-VJG super I/O or ATMEL 8356908 chip to deposit administrator password through TPM structural frame (SVP) wait with number of different OEM message, serial, UUID. Must use newest password process designing so implement, just can undertake reading writing to PC8394T-VJG or AT8356908 chip (type of X61 X61T X61S T61 Z61, use P24S08 and) of PS08 password chip.

Ibm1.gif (34356 byte) Ibm15.gif (31626 byte)

PC8394 process designing implement, it is one is maintenance IBM ThinkPad T43/P only, r52, t60/P, z60/61, computer of X60/S series notebook and the process designing of development implement, this process designing implement supportive chip is very onefold, support the PC8394 that uses on IBM notebook computer or AT8356908 chip only, use at undertaking to IBM notebook computer super user password is decoded.

Use this process designing implement, do not need to tear open next PC8394 or AT8356908 chip. Need to use process designing only implement the 3 connection line that go up, correct connection jotter advocate board go up to be nodded correspondingly, can read a password document.

The newest model of notebook computer of support: (Gules model, just added support recently)

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