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Encyclopedia of breakdown of newest computer dead machine
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Dead machine is the issue that makes handlers very vexed. The expression when dead machine is more " La Bing " , cannot start a system, picture " calm case " without reaction, mouse, clavier cannot be inputted, software moving blame is interrupted normally etc. Although cause the cause of dead machine a lot of, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, its reason also cannot break away from hardware and software forever two respects.

By the dead engine that hardware reason causes

[medicinal powder heat is undesirable]

Monitor, power source and CPU are calorific in the job the amount is very large, the ventilated state that keeps good accordingly is very important, if monitor overheat will bring about colour, image lack fidelity shorten even monitor life. Working hours is too long also can cause power supply or monitor comes loose hot not free and create computer dead opportunity. Of CPU medicinal powder the serious problem that heat is the stability that matters to computer to move, also be to come loose those who heat up breakdown happening " heavy disaster area " .

[mobile and undeserved]

Often can be made in computer shift process by very big vibration machine interior parts of an apparatus becomes loose, bring about a contact thereby undesirable, cause computer dead engine, acuteness vibration ought to avoid when mobile computer so.

[dirt killer]

The dirt inside the machine also can cause dead machine trouble too much. After been infected with much dirt like soft drive magnetic head or head of CD driver laser, can bring about read clerical error by accident, serious meeting causes computer dead engine.

[equipment does not match]

Be like advocate board advocate frequency and CPU advocate frequency does not match, old advocate board when exceeding frequency will outside frequency is decided too high, the likelihood is unwarrantable the stability that move, bring about consequently die often machine.

[soft hardware is incompatible]

Three-dimensional software and a few special software, the likelihood cannot be started normally on some personal computer install even, may have soft hardware among them the problem of compatible respect.

[memory bar breakdown]

Basically be memory bar becomes loose, empty solder or be caused by of quality of memory chip itself. Answer to eliminate memory bar to contact breakdown according to particular case, if be problem of existence of memory bar quality, need to change memory ability solves a problem.

[hard disk breakdown]

Basically be hard disk ageing or because use undeserved create division of bad path, bad fan. Such machines are very incidental when move dead machine. Can undertake with special tool software barrier is handled discharging, if attaint can change badly only hard disk. Do not support UDMA 66/100 to be in additionally advocate board, should notice the set of run mode of the hard disk in CMOS.
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