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Common breakdown reachs hard disk eliminate detailed solution
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Everybody knows, the main part that hard disk is the computer -- its position is very important of course! Often destroy as a result of systematic breakdown, hardware, the hard disk of the virus, decisive data that be operated by accident or stores cannot be visited, attaint of systematic report hard disk, how can you do? Be avowed and hapless? Be still afterthought not is reached? Hard disk rehabilitate to computer user, breakdown of occurrence hard disk is a disaster simply! Here the common breakdown of hard disk of our put up with and eliminate each respect such as skill and everybody to discuss, the hard disk safety that is everybody provides a few inspiration, falling the loss to the smallest degree is the hope with collective all of us.

One, parameter of hard disk setting is missing reach hard disk type to install a mistake

The screen after switching on the mobile phone shows: "Device Error " , show again next: "Non - System Disk Or Disk Error, replace And Strike Any Key When Ready " , hint hard disk cannot be started, after be being started with floppy disk, in A:≫ hind keys in C:  talks about Nvalid Drive Specification of 癐 of body of Huang allow chaste tree " , the system does not identify hard disk, it is to use computer process middling to see trouble.

The hard disk in CMOS installs parameter to lose or commonly hard disk type sets a mistake to cause the account that causes this trouble. Hard disk parameter is missing trouble is main by advocate board parameter of adapting CMOS of CMOS circuit breakdown, virus or software is brought about, if be CMOS parameter,missing breakdown solves measure to be as follows: If ① closes machine after period of time, CMOS parameter is lost automatically, when using, install afresh, can start computer normally again, this often is CMOS batteries contact undesirable or CMOS batteries invalidation causes, the proposal examines CMOS cell, ensure the contact is good, check CMOS batteries voltage with avometer, normal circumstance should be 3V to control, if CMOS batteries voltage is far under normal value, demonstrative CMOS batteries already invalidation, should change in time batteries, in order to avoid batteries leakage fluid, pollute advocate board. If ② is to carry parameter of the CMOS after machine dies to be lost automatically in journey foreword, it is parameter of adapting CMOS of virus or software is brought about likely, answer a system to undertake be checkinged thoroughly killing virus, in order to remove the trouble that the virus place of certain attack CMOS causes. If systematic installation has the word that prevents virus software, after software discovers virus, these can adapt CMOS, it is hard disk setting automatically without. Additional, the setting of hard disk type in CMOS also can affect the use of hard disk correctly. Current machine can detect automatically commonly the type of hard disk. Can cause when mistake of hard disk type cannot start a system, even if can start also can happen read clerical error by accident. When for instance the hard disk type in CMOS is less than actual hard disk size, criterion the fan area at the back of hard disk is met cannot read write, if be much more divisional condition,individual partition will be lost. Still reason of a main trouble cannot be ignored, that is current IDE back logistic parameter kind, hard disk can be used " Normal, LBA, large " wait, if data was installed below general pattern, and the word of the mode in other of the instead in CMOS, with respect to meeting hair unripe hard disk reads the breakdown that writes a mistake.
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